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Reservation form

Fill carefully the cottage reservation form below for a defined period of time. The reservation fee must be paid within 14 days; otherwise your reservation will be void. We will contact you either by phone or email to confirm your reservation and received payment.

Choose the cottage from the list for accommodation.
Please, specify the dates of your stay. Arrival time 15.00. Departure time 12.00.
To that email address we will be sending confirmation of reservation and received payment.
Please indicate your contact phone number, where we can call you if we need to. Please give your phone number in international format showing your country code. You may use numbers, spaces, parentheses, or signs like – and +.
Please indicate a number of people who will be staying in cottage.
  Own bed linen *
Cost of accommodation is lower with own bed linen.
Important information that you would like to tell us, for example if you want to leave your luggage with us before arrival date or additional contact information.